Still Alive

I know its been pretty quiet round here for a bit. Its just been one of those periods of time when I’d nothing really to write about, and even if I did I didn’t really have the time, or the motivation, or the energy.

When I’ve not been working I’ve been bashing my head against the wall over my Wordbooker plugin which I’ve been playing a continual catch up game with Facebook and WordPress and W3C compliance (some of which was nothing to do with me but actually Facebook’s decision to use non compliant tags and people having WordPress themes with not quite the right Doctypes and other things). I’ve been wanting for ages to start on Version 2 of the plugin – which takes a different approach to parts of the posting process and needs a complete re-write of the comment handling process too, but until I’d got the 1.x code base to the point that it was stable enough to leave alone so I could concentrate on 2.0 I couldn’t do that. I’d just got ready to start recoding when Facebook announced they were changing the method of authenticating users against applications… that’s right. Just a couple of months after they changed it totally they are proposing changing it all again. It didn’t help that they accidentally turned on the new method and broke everything!

But things seem to have settled down and so I’ve started coding it, but I also wanted to watch “Travelling Man” which Nick had bought me on DVD for my birthday after we’d both read Andrew Denny’s blog entry about it. It’s been quite enjoyable watching it and recognising a lot of the locations, even if they have changed a lot since it was shot : for example the derelict warehouses near Preston Brook have been turned in to rather up market apartments – but it was good to see that Claymore Navigation’s boatyard hasn’t changed much in the intervening years.

So today I’m having a day off work, and I could be coding but instead I’m listening to Bob Geldof’s solo albums and trying to rustle up enough motivation to do much more than slouch on the sofa all day. I know that some would say that NOT listening to them would be enough motivation to get off the sofa, and others might say that listening to them just sucks motivation away from you, but hey… it’s my day off and I’m waiting for the Dishwasher to go through a cleaning cycle!

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3 Responses to Still Alive

  1. Helmut says:


    I just wanted to ask if there’s a way to import also the fanpage comments and not only the facebook comments made on your own profile.
    AND the main reason I write you is a big THANK YOU for creating the wordbooker plugin!!!

    Regards, Helmut

  2. Ego Ipse says:


    Your plugin is awesome. Don’t give up in the coding work. A lot of users really appreciates its great functionality.

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