Testing the new FB Comment box comment handling importer

I deleted it last time so here we go again!!

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testing 2

More testing

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== Changelog ==

= Version 2.2.0 15/12/13 =
- Base release of Version 2.2
- Confirmed WordPress 3.8 compatible
- Adds Support for controlling posts to Facebook using custom Post Types and Categories
- Adds Support for controlling posts to Facebook using Tags
- Adds Support for WP-HTTP for Facebook API calls
- Adds Support for appsecret_proof calls to Facebook
- Follows FB privacy for retrieved Status Messages (Only Public Status updates will be used to update Wordbooker.)
- Adds support for new the Facebook Share Button
- Better handling of WordPress Short codes for posted urls
- Adds support for shipping of Access tokens between Wordbooker Installs
- Adds easy linking to Facebook Friend’s profiles

= Version 2.1.40 03/11/13 =
- Fixed bug in the FB API initialization logic which meant it ran when it shouldn’t have done

= Version 2.1.39 02/11/13 =
- Added a Do Not Log option for diagnostic logging – this turns logging OFF totally
- Added checks for FB “not usable” urls – such as localhost, private IP address ranges etc.
- Confirmed WordPress 3.7.1 compatibility

= Version 2.1.38 27/10/13 =
- Fixed an obscure bug in the social widget
- Confirmed WordPress 3.7 compatibility

= Version 2.1.37 06/10/13 =
- Changes to comment handling to avoid problems with anti-spam traps
- Backport of Version checking process from 2.2.0
- Change to og tag generation to fix some errors under certain circumstances

= Version 2.1.36 14/09/13 =
- Confirmed WordPress 3.6.1 compatible
- Fixed hard coded link in the German Language File
- Added support for Canalplan’s two new shortcode tags
- Some minor work removing php warnings

= Version 2.1.35 03/08/13 =
- Confirmed WordPress 3.6 compatible
- Changed some of the comment diagnostic message levels to hide them unless diagnostic level set to high.
- Added multisite checks so that most support information is hidden from non Super Admin users.
- Fixed the Like Box, and removed groups from available like targets.
- Added stable version check.
- Fixed bug where some diagnostic messages went into the wrong display category.
- Recoded method for pulling pages and groups in the cron to use graph API rather than FQL.
- Added code to list Network Activated plugins to the plugin list.
- Fixed code to stop warning being reported by PHP 5.4
- Added checks to stop Facebook related calls from running where permissions or access tokens are incorrect.

= Version 2.1.34 20/07/13 =
- Comment handling bug fix relating to dates.
- Fix bug relating to PHP installs without multibyte character support
- Fix bug where group wall IDs were lost
- Updated shortcode list to handle a couple more plugins that don’t support the shortcode API.

= Version 2.1.33 09/07/13 =
- Confirmed WordPress 3.5.2 compliant
- Fixed comment diagnostic log clearing problem.
- Changes to cron to rely less on FQL
- Added support for The WordPress Videos Plugin
- Changed YouTube thumbnail logic

= Version 2.1.32 29/05/13 =
- Fixed a bug in the token auth swapping code.

= Version 2.1.31 18/05/13 =
- Fix for quotes being mangled on some installs
- Adjustment to comment handling to hopefully avoid being tripped up by spam checkers
- Added option to use Post Excerpt as the Post Attribute
- Adjustment to the Tag Stripping and Content Parsing to better support the Canalplan AC Plugin.
- Rebuild Facebook Authorise Button to work round undocumented removal of support of custom button by Facebook
- Added up to date fb_ca_chain_bundle.crt file
- Backported Session checking from 2.2
- Change to Comment handling to handle FB returning different Comment IDs to the ones they actually store.

= Version 2.1.30 01/04/13 =
- Schema creation code fixed so that some installs don’t explode with a rogue Fatal Error
- Added a Valid Access token check to hopefully reduce the number of errors being reported by the FB API.
- Changed the Token Swapping process to take a server out of the loop which should help fix problems with some oddly configured hosts
- Added a HTML entity decode to cope with some WordPress installs that do funky things with html entities in Post Titles.

= Version 2.1.29 12/02/13 =
- Experimental code for Read All Link escaped into the wild. This release rolls that change back

= Version 2.1.28 10/02/13 =
- Fixed a problem with comment handing on posts pushed to FB when comments are closed
- Fixed some more issues with user_meta calls.

= Version 2.1.27 09/02/13 =
- Added a check for Table Storage. FULLTEXT indexes don’t work on InnoDB tables.
- Fixed a problem with user settings getting lost
- Fixed a problem where user settings were lost on new posts.

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