Managing Routes

Part of the problem with importing routes from CanalPlan AC is that your actual day to day distances are not likely to be exactly what CanalPlan has come up with for each day.

So part of the process once you’ve imported a route is adjusting the stopping places for each day and recalculating the distance and the number of locks for each day. Also CanalPlan AC assumes that if you stop overnight at a lock then you stop before going through it, which of course might not be the case in reality.

So I’ve been working on the route management part of the route importer and its now done. During this work I found that there can be a problem caused by trying to change old routes where the links data used to build that route may longer be totally accurate. This is I suspect down to the fact that I’ve purged the links table inside the blogs after I’d manually imported these routes which meant that some links got lost.  I supect that in reality this will never cause a real problem due to the way I maintain the links table now, but time will tell and if it does cause problems then I’ll work my way round it.