Data Updates

I’ve now got the code working which allows me to update the Location data whenever Nick does a rebuild of CanalPlan AC. At the moment he is adding a lot of of “hidden” places which are used to make map plotting a lot more accurate. He’s also updating the latitude and longitude of a lot of places which hopefully means the embedded Googlemaps will be more accurate.

He has also tweaked place descriptions to uniquely identify ambiguous  places. However this change broke my tags, so I’ve now updated the code (and every post using tags) to use double brackets for the opening and closing tags… which probably makes more sense anyway.

I’m also working on the grab a route from CanalPlan – I’ve got the jump from the Blogs to CanalPlan and back again working – so the next step is to tidy up the file parser.

As I’ve got a lot of meetings at work this coming week I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to tinker with code… but who knows……