Embedded Google Maps

Well embedded Google Maps are now implemented. As I’m still waiting for Nick to get me the latest set of co-ordinates from CanalPlan the maps will only work for places between Cow Lane Bridge in Chester and the moorings above Penkridge Lock. Update: the list of canaplan places has now been updated and all places now have a lat and long

The Insert CanalPlan Tag code has been changed so you find a place, select what you want to insert it as and then click on the button to insert it.

At the moment the maps are only satellite images and the zoom level is quite high. As large areas of the UK have not been photographed to a high resolution by Google then results might be hit and miss. Also as I’m using Lat and Long values from CanalPlan if they are wrong your photo might not be exactly what you expect – however if its wrong then please go to CanalPlan, find the location and update the co-ordinates, which will get pulled back to the blogs on the next data update.

So just to prove it works here is Market Drayton :

There are a couple of additional options which can be manually inserted to override the defaults – for information on these please refer to the support forum entry about it. These options allow you to change some of the map parameters. For example

Of course for those of you who want to show somewhere off the canal system – well you can do that too!

Here is my office: